Mandarin Oranges: Popular and Nutritious


Easy to peel and healthy to eat, organic mandarin oranges are a favorite with children and adults. Whether you call them tangerines or oranges, the juicy segmented fruit  is typically enjoyed plain and in salads. Try an arugula salad made with thinly sliced red onions, green olives, avocado slices and mandarin oranges. Just use your favorite dressing. For a healthy choice, lightly sprinkle some dried oregano or basil on top and dress with red wine vinegar and olive oil. Remember to go easy on the herbs. Enjoy!

Photo: Own work.


Chicken Salad: Always a Contender among Hungry Foodies

Chicken Served as a sandwich on your favorite choice of bread, or eaten with a fork, chicken salad typically is a delicious mealtime choice. I like it piled high on a Kaiser roll with shredded lettuce. A dill pickle on the side is a must.

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Pepper Steak with Onions: Satisfying and Delicious


Something special happens when thinly sliced beef, red and green peppers and sweet onions are stir-fried in tasty brown gravy. Dining in or out, pepper steak is a favorite with meat-eating foodies. Good choice!

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Toast: Different Ways To Slice

Toast-jpg.comHow do you slice your toast? That same question caused a stir last week when a student at Sheffield Hallam University in England tweeted about the matter. Over at ABC’s Good Morning America, when asked about the issue, some Twitter foodies mentioned how the sharp angular edge of a diagonal cut symbolized danger, while others preferred their toast sliced symmetrically along the middle, either horizontally or vertically. It goes to show, no matter where you live, toast is serious business.

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